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Alright, now that all the adults are gone let's get down to business... Funny business! 😂

We take our jokes very seriously.

Ok, clear your throat and make an announcement. You have some extremely funny jokes to tell everyone at your table.

Joke Number 1

I was going to tell you a steak joke... but they're never well done.

Joke Number 2

Why can't cows become detectives?

Because they refuse to go on steak-outs!

Joke Number 3

What do you call a cow with a twitch?

Beef Jerky!​

It's trivia time!

Did someone at your table already know the answer to one of your jokes? Well let's see how smart they are when they try to answer these super-hard trivia questions!

Trivia Question Number 1

Q: How many cows are there in Australia?​

A: About 28 million! That's right, there are more cows than people.

Trivia Question Number 2

Q: Which country invented French Fries?

A: Belgium! Although the French claim it was them, deep frying potatoes has been traced back to the 1600's.

Trivia Question Number 3

Q: How many hours a day does a cow spend eating?

A: About 6 hours! That's a lot of grass!

Don't let us off the hook!

Here are some hilarious things you can say to your Outback Steakhouse server! Remember great comedy is all about timing 😂 See if you can make them laugh out loud!

If your server asks you...

"Is there anything else I can get you?"

Quickly answer - "Yes, but I'm not sure you could fit a Ferrari in here".

Tell them a joke! 


Did you hear about the new Outback Restaurant they opened on the moon?

Great food, but no atmosphere!

When they bring the bill to the table

Before anyone else can speak up, say

"Sorry everyone, I think I've left my wallet at home. I promise I'll get the next one!"

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