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Cocktail of the month!

Like you needed another excuse to come to Outback, this month you can enjoy a Cosmo for only $10! 

Available to customers 18+ only. Outback Steakhouse practices the responsible service of alcohol.

It's the Outback Secret Menu.

Have you heard about the Outback secret menu? 

You won't believe what you can order! 

There's only one way to get access to the secret menu, and that's to become an Outback VIP.

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Welcome to Kids Corner!

Hey kids! Here are some jokes you can tell and trivia questions you can ask the other people at your table!

Joke #1 

I was going to tell you a steak joke... but they're never well done.

Joke #2

Why can't cows become detectives?

Because they refuse to go on steak-outs!

Joke #3

What do you call a cow with a twitch?

Beef Jerky!

Trivia #1

Q: How many cows are there in Australia?

A: About 28 million! That's right, there are more cows than people.

Trivia #2

Q: Which country invented French Fries?

A: Belgium! Although the French claim it was them, deep frying potatoes has been traced back to the 1600's.

Trivia #3

Q: How many hours a day does a cow spend eating?

A: About 6 hours!

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